Raw Chicken @ Birdland

Birdland. The one Michelin star yakitori that allows online booking in english. This is a god send because trust me, making reservations at some of these resturants can be very tough. Jiro’s especially after him being famous in the documentary and President Obama eating his sushi during his visit in Japan. Birdland is just opposite … Continue reading

The Gastronomical Trip to Japan

Japan.  We always wanted to visit Japan. All our friends told us once you visit japan, you will visit it again and again… And so the holiday planning begins…..we decided on a 2 month holiday…with Japan being the highlight of the trip. Finally, after 6 months of very intensive planning on where to go and what … Continue reading

Raspberry Yogurt Cake

I have a wonderful mother and she loves butter cake. She’s also super fussy when it comes to food and especially on cakes and bread. I have being hunting for a butter cake recipe which there’s a chance that will gain her approval tick. When I came across a post Michelle wrote on BSB Sour Cream Raspberry Cake, follow by … Continue reading

Nonya Kueh : Kueh Sarlat

Few months ago, Daisy organised a Sweet High Tea at her place and I was invited. Together with 4 other gals, we were to bring one or two sweets/savoury to share. We ended up a table full of yummy food and I must say we definitely did well trying all the food. I didn’t even eat … Continue reading

My Battle with Chiffon Cake

I always wanted to try my hand on chiffon cake and master it! Actually more like not fear it LOL. On my last trip home, I finally managed to gather all my courage and bought a chiffon cake tin. Cant run away from it now. I’m never a huge fan of Pandan chiffon cake when … Continue reading

Lime Buttermilk Bundt Cake

I always fancy citric sweets in any form and I printed the recipe when I saw it on Mmmmsugar’s blog.  The only different about this recipe is it didn’t get mix with 987654321 other recipes which I printed and left aside forgotten. I got organised and made a trip to supermarket on Friday after work, bought all the … Continue reading

Sambal for Crispy Anchovies

Mummy loves hot and spicy food and that’s why she’s very fussy how fragrant is the sambal. Instead of buying from the stores, she cooks her own because she can never find one that pass her taste and smell test. While growing up, I spend quite a lot of time in the kitchen watching mummy … Continue reading