Posted in September 2007

2 Hours in Kitchen

What have you been doing in the kitchen for the past 2 hours? This is the 1st question hubby asked when we woke up from his beauty sleep. The ANSWER !!!! Chicken Rice for dinner. 1st time cooking it. Taste alright but there is room for impovement, I have to start thinking how can I … Continue reading


Hmmm……AFL Grand Final this Sat at MCG…..Geelong CATS VS Port Adelaide POWER……who will be AFL 2007 Champion? I haven’t been into AFL at all. Hubby was mentioning we should start watching next season and I did plan to bring Daddy to an AFL game when he is over for the next trip. Should be a … Continue reading

Truman Koh and Jarrett Lim

I became a godma and aunt within 24hrs 2 months ago. My buddy gave birth on the 23th July and my sister on the 24th July. For Jarrett, he has his own blog! Mummy Jasmine has been constantly updating it with photos + happening around him. As for Truman, I can only listen to his … Continue reading

A Little About Me

Nov 1979 – Born in Alexander Hospital…Youngest in the family Dec 1991 – Graduated from Xinghua Primary School Dec 1995 – Graduated from Serangoon Garden Technical Secondary School which no longer exist Jun 1999 – Graduated with Electronic, Computer and Communication Diploma from NYP Aug 1999 – Joined Everett Charles Technology as Engineering Assistant Feb … Continue reading

Food I Had Tried Cooking/Baking

I have been a full time engineer + housewife ever since I landed in Melbourne. Hmmm about 17mths now. Other than able to do automation programming, I suppose I can say I’m able to cook? Guess Hubby won’t denie that…hehee Attached are some of the food I had tried cooking or baking for the past … Continue reading

Okie…..I’m totally new to this

Blogging…hubby is blogging, buddy is blogging, hana is blogging, majority of people around me are all starting to blog. Though of starting to blog a year ago but I’m just too lazy (enjoy more reading others blog…being a kapo…hehe). Hmmm…..have I offically started blogging????