Posted in October 2007

Hubby with his TOYS + Request

Today is the 1st day of daylight saving. Since weather was really great yesterday, we planned to go to the St Kilda Beach in the morning. We were waken up by the sound cause by the strong winds in the early morning. Hubby decided to leave me to sleep as he know it is impossible … Continue reading

Shoya Restaurant

We didn’t manage to wake up for morning walk again. So it’s evening walk again yesteday. This time round we walk to the city instead coz my dear hubby wanted to buy XBox 360 game. He is finishing his assignment and end of his schooling sememster very soon. He is all prepared to start on … Continue reading

Kenzan Japanese Restaurant

Hubby decided to give me a break and head out for a nice dinner last Tuesday. I was in-charge to decide the venue. I spent some time in the morning surfing thru net and reading thru some melbourne food blog to find new restaurants/our next target. I did manage to find a few which caught … Continue reading

Summer Here

It’s now 1130 and the temperature is already 30.5 degrees. Weather report Max for today is 33 degrees. I won’t be surprise is the temperature is going to climb higher than expected. Summer is really coming! Hubby and me was planning to start our Sunday earlier than usual and head off for a morning walk … Continue reading

After 2 oversea calls

I’m alone at home again. Hubby is on his 2nd day night shift tonight, another 1 more night to go before it break the silent night. I do feel lonely when he is on night shift especially during the weekend as he will be spending the day sleeping and night working. As for me, laze … Continue reading

Labour OR Coalition?

Australia election is going to held on the 24th Nov. The fight is between Labour Kevin Rudd or Coalition John Howard (currently P.M.). This is actually my 2nd time experiencing election in Australia. 1st time was when during my Uni days. Kevin Rudd was nobody then.Australia election campagin is much more interesting to see compare … Continue reading

Close 1/4 hospital?

It’s on The Age : Nurses to Close One Quater of Beds from tomorrow 7am in Victoria Public Hospital. It is going to happen? No Nurses = No Bed = No Patients Feel that Hubby is going to love it and hate it. Pro: – ANF win this war, more pay! – Union is really … Continue reading

Love & Hate…..argh!

Sometimes I love them, sometimes I hate them. Love being able to day dream, sleep, read, meeting interesting ppl or experience something different.Hate when I have to waste my precious time or coming across a sickening/inconsiderate person. It’s all about Melbourne public transport…..Trams or Train or Bus. Beginning to realise why I rather leave home … Continue reading

Night Out!!

It’s now 5.15p.m. on a Mon evening. Finally ending another Monday Blue 🙂I’m still in the office but waiting for Peter(my boss)…..dun be mistaken, I’m not a very hardworking worker :pWaiting for Peter to finish his course and head out into the city. We are hanging out together with Robyn and Brad (both my colleagues). … Continue reading


Last night me and hubby went to have a really nice dinner at The Brasserier located at Crowns. It was such a wonderful dining experience!!! It was my 1st time dining at The Brasserier but I had heard/read a lot of positive comments about the restaurant from hubby and also the blogs I read. We … Continue reading