Love & Hate…..argh!

Sometimes I love them, sometimes I hate them.

Love being able to day dream, sleep, read, meeting interesting ppl or experience something different.
Hate when I have to waste my precious time or coming across a sickening/inconsiderate person.

It’s all about Melbourne public transport…..Trams or Train or Bus.

Beginning to realise why I rather leave home after 8am to work. I woke up earlier than usual planning to start the day early and ending it early. Left home at 0745, miss the Tram by just 30secs and then discover that I have to wait 18mins for the next bloody tram to arrive!!!! ARGH! Great I’m going to reach office even later than usual.

When I finally manage to get engross with my story book, the driver announced all passengers have to switch tram to contnue the jouney to Box Hill. I ask myself how great is the day going to get. Not long after I got settled down to continue with my book, I was overwhelm by some irritated fishy smell. I had no idea where it came from but it was on and off. Beginning to suspect the lady beside me (guess I was right coz when she hop off, the smell tack along with her) but I didn’t change my seat as there isn’t any other seat for me to chose. I just have to pray that she will hop off soon. 4 more tram stop before I finally reach my destination, the driver announced again that all passengers have to get off and wait for the next tram as this tram is making a U-turn and head back to Port Melbourne. WTF! It took me 3 different trams to get to work!!

Starting to think maybe I should practise my driving a lot more(since I already got my license but I haven’t drove by myself yet) and start driving to work if possible. But this thought immediatly disappear when I see a cup of hot skinny mocha sitting at my desk waiting for me(all THANKS to Brad)…….haha
Hmmm…..I LOVE starting my morning with a cup of hot nice coffee.

Stay tune guys……more Melbourne public transport story to come!!! c”)


2 thoughts on “Love & Hate…..argh!

  1. drive more?….hmmmm…got to think abt it….wat if I fall in love driving to work? does it mean I have to add another baby into my family…..errrrryup we shld be in Melb…can’t wait to makan with u…hehe

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