Summer Here

It’s now 1130 and the temperature is already 30.5 degrees. Weather report Max for today is 33 degrees. I won’t be surprise is the temperature is going to climb higher than expected. Summer is really coming! Hubby and me was planning to start our Sunday earlier than usual and head off for a morning walk (desperatly need to start exercising as we have put on a lot of weight this winter). In the end, we were still in bed at 0900. I didn’t manage to have a good night sleep. Woke up in the middle by the noise my neighbours made and a horrible nightmare I dream after that. I was so scared that I have to wake hubby up to comfort me back to sleep. 😦 We decided to change our morning walk to evening walk instead. Hopefully the weather will continue to be sunny. I tried cooking scramble egg for breakky. Hubby likes it and me 2! *success*….hehe

Scramble Egg on Toast with Mushroom & Tomato……the tomatoes are really sweet!


4 thoughts on “Summer Here

  1. the tomatoes are pretty expensive but they taste heaven! we were so surprised it taste so good. for the eggs, guess it’s pretty good for 1st timer. I even miss out having cream in it as I didn’t stock any in my fridge. will have to reduce the butter and try adding cream. c”)

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