Fiji Countdown!

Hubby just knock off from his night shift, his last shift of work before he start his 1 month annual leave.

N we are going to FIJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Departing Mebourne on Friday and returning a week after. It is a super last minute decision and we just booked our accommdation + air ticket on Wednesday night. we have been spending the past few days surfing the net + reading up lonely planet to find out more about Fiji + most importantly DIVE SPOTS! Planning to spend 3 days diving and 2 days doing other activities. Hoping for SUNNY weather so that I can tan myself.:) I will definitely blog about the trip when I’m back + tonnes of photos!

Photos time…..hehe (photo says a thousand words…agree??)

Hubby called me from work and wake me up. He is bringing me to Prahan Market for breakky. Althought I only slept for 4 hours, once he mention food, I will just jump off from bed without any problem…hehe

We had breakky at Mojito. I ordered an Egg Benedict while he had Mojito Works + two Mocha. Photos taken using Nokia Hp again but this time round, hubby manage to capture pretty good quality picture especially on my Egg Benedict……dun you think so? It is because of the lighting or we are starting to get the hang of taking food pictures?…hmmmmm *-*

Egg Benedict

Mojito Works

After breakfast, we went to shop around Prahan Market. There is an shop which have being on my shops to check out for quite some time. I never really get to it unless hubby offer to bring me there. Can’t blame me, I’m a lazy bum.

The place is call The Essential Ingredient. It’s a PARADISE for me!! They sell a wide varity of quality food, cookware and culinary books. Food, cookware, cook books are everywhere so what is so special about this place. I manage to find food like belacan from malaysia, leatherwood honey from tasmania (it’s x’mas gift frm a fren whose family stay in tassie. even my parents love the honey), The Bread Bible which Lynn loan me (which I bake a very nice banana bread), Silpat Nonstick Silicone Baking Mat (thought I might need to order online if I really want it), whole range of KitchenAid product and also different types of Lindt chocolate in blocks, chips, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, big packet, small bottles etc.

Told hubby I could easily spend two hours browsing every item and end up spending a lot. Didn’t have the luxury to do it this morning as hubby is getting very tired. I can’t wait to pop back into the shop next time.

This round, total damage from The Essential Ingredient is AU$35. We bought a Creamy Tomato and Pesto Pasta Sauce and The AGE Good Food Guide 2008. All pick by my dear hubby.

Sauce + Food Guide


4 thoughts on “Fiji Countdown!

  1. haha….he always go for big breakfast!..huh, gal breakfast is the most important meal of the day. know YJ is away but you should still have decent breakky okie?

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