We(Hubby and me) are now using Outrigger PC paying $30 for 2 hours usage to check emails, do a bit of blogging and updating ourselves what’s happening outside Fiji. We are doing all this coz the weather is bad! It’s currently raining veru heavily! Inital plan was to go diving which we booked on Sun morning but I was too tired and decided to cancel it. Planning to join the village tour orgainse by the hotel but it was cancel last minute due to the weather. Hmmmm beinning to wonder am I able to spend my afternoon by the pool later.

This trip is fantastic. A bit of summary on the activities we had so far.

Fri : Arrive Fiji. Check in hotel and had an early rest

Sat: Woke up very early. Me Kayak and hubby snokel. Went into nearby town to get some food stuff. Food is expensive!! Afternoon organise activities for the rest of the trip.

Sun: Cruise to Mana Island. Did 2 dives with Aque Trek. Visibility is good! Saw turtle.

Mon: Went for SHARK Dives! Did 2 shark feeding dives + 1 wreak dive. Loving it!!!! Can’t wait to come back for more!!!!!

Tue: Suppose to do another 2 dives. But cancelled it. Village tour also cancel. Hmm most probably going into nearby town to get food + rest and relax by the pool

Wed: White water rafting for the whole day!

Thur: Spa + massage in the morning and back to Melbourne.

We took a lot of photos + video during the shark feed. I will post it when I get back to Melbourne!


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