Posted in December 2007


I’m melted! It’s so freaking hot today! It’s 1823 and temperature is 40.3 degrees according to The Age weather report. It’s the warmest day I experience since I arrive in Melbourne on 2nd April 2006. Summer really started in Melbourne.We went to grab an early dinner an hour ago and felt like I’m in a … Continue reading

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a day to shop in Melbourne. Myer start trading at 0600 in the morning. David Jones at 0700 and all other major shop at 0800. Hubby and me were at Melbourne Center before 0800 on Boxing Day. He just knocked off from work at 0730 and suggested to head straight to the … Continue reading

Sassafras, Mt Dandenong

I just got home from Sassafras village at Dandenong Ranges. Peter, my boss bought me there for lunch last year when we were working at Glaxo in Boronia. Being wanting to bring Hubby there and I did today.Sassafras is a little village about 45km away from the city. It took hubby about an hour to … Continue reading

X’mas Dinner 2007

It’s X’mas today! I wasn’t working during the holiday season this year. In fact, I’m only going to start work on NYE 31st Dec. I have to start thinking where to go for Thur, Fri and Sat as both me and Hubby aren’t working and thought it will be a good time to spend some … Continue reading

BULA (Part 5)

Finally!!! I upgraded my account with Flickr after constant nagging from Hubby(told me to update my blog). I was complaining that I’m kinda of bored. I haven’t being doing much today except doing some expired laundry + watch Grey Anatomy Season 3. Can’t spend time in the gym as it’s close for X’mas + Boxing … Continue reading

Finally, I DROVE!

I drove myself to the gym and back on Sunday!! It was my 1st time driving by myself! Yes, I should have done it ages ago. Those who didn’t know, I got my license in early August…..before I even started to blog. But I kept on finding excuses to drive and continue to have my … Continue reading

BULA (Part 4)

Before I start, please note attached are quite a few underwater photos taken by Hubby. My job for this day is to enjoy the dive and not to panic! Day 4 12-11-2007 The activity for the day is the dives with Beqa Adventure Divers! We are doing shark dives!!!! Beqa is located at Pacific Harbour. … Continue reading

I Know I Know

I know I know…..I haven’t being posting for more than a week. I’m getting lazy…….I admit it’s not easy to maintain a blog, constantly have to think of new topic + I still have not subscribe to flickr to enable me to upload photos unlimited! I only manage to upload Fiji Day 4 photos….didn’t even … Continue reading

BULA (Part 3)

ARGH! I’m taking freaking long to finish all the entry for the Fiji trip! I must be more active and stop being lazy….hehe Day 3 11-11-2007The day for cruise to Mana Island.We did our research and bought our diving gears to Mana Island as we found out we can do some diving on the Island. … Continue reading