X’mas Dinner 2007

It’s X’mas today! I wasn’t working during the holiday season this year. In fact, I’m only going to start work on NYE 31st Dec. I have to start thinking where to go for Thur, Fri and Sat as both me and Hubby aren’t working and thought it will be a good time to spend some time together away from home. Either a short trip or a day trip.

Back to the topic. Woke up this morning an prepared breakfast (forgot to take pictures) for Hubby after he knocked off from work. Yes, he is schedule to work night shift on X’mas Eve and X’mas Day, off on NYE BUT I’m working on NYE. Such a good combination right?

I also cooked dinner today. Dinner menu is Lamp Chops for Hubby, T-Bone Steak for myself and Potato Gratin.

Potato Gratin.
This is suppose to be Potato and Mushroom Gratin and because there isn’t any mushroom in the fridge, I decided to change the recipe a bit. Btw, got to recipe from Nigella Express which I bought about 2 months ago. It’s my 1st time trying her recipe and it is delicious! Simply and fast to make. Plus it uses milk instead of cream(I don’t really store cream in my fridge). I’m deifinitly going to try more recipe very soon.

Potato Gratin + my T-Bone Steak in the background.

Hubby’s Lamp Chops

Okie you might be wondering how come I split 3 lamp chops into 2 plates. The one on the left is just normal lamp chops marinated in salt and pepper and pan fried. As for the one of the right, it is also marinated and cook the same way BUT I added WHITE WINE before I serve. I know, I know! I shouldn’t be using White wine for red meat. I should be using Red wine. Listen to my explaination first.

The Potato Gratin asked for 3*15ml of White Wine. I did thought of skipping it as I will need to finish the rest of the bottle of wine by myself as Hubby doesn’t drink. But it’s my 1st time trying Nigella recipe + I have bottles of wine in my pantry. I thought why not open up a bottle, use some for cooking and the rest drink during the night. In fact, I’m having a wine glass beside the keyboard as I typing this entry.

As I already had a bottle of opened wine, I figure I could do some experiment. So I decided to cook the Lamp Chops with some White Wine. I only cooked 1 slice of it just incase Hubby doesn’t like the taste or it taste funny. If he doesn’t like it, he will have to eat them because I don’t eat lamp. That’s why 2 plates of Lamp Chops.

The final verdict: Hubby loves the Lamp Chops cooked with wine. He says the meat favour is being enhanced by the wine. Kept asking me what I use to cook the lamp chop….hehe Actually, I’m pretty surprised by the result but very happy because he love all the dishes I prepared today.


4 thoughts on “X’mas Dinner 2007

  1. I am interested in your Potato Gratin dish! Can send me its receipe?The dinner looks yummy! Did you marinate the lamp chop with wine? or just add it in while cooking it?

  2. not a problem. i will send u the receipe. but i read on quite a few blog stating tat this dish made a mess on their baking dish and they had problem cleaning it. not for me, maybe coz i use a new non-stick baking dish.i added the wine when i cook. never heard of marinate with white wine.

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