Posted in January 2008


Hubby is going to work his ass off because he got himself a NEW TOY. I will be taking over his OLD TOY very soon. Maybe in less than 2 weeks time? NO MORE PERSONAL DRIVER 😦 Pro and Con of having another car I will be force to drive a lot more! No more … Continue reading

Irritating Cough

I’m still having a STUPID IRRITATING DRY COUGH! I have being coughing throughout the whole day yesterday and got better in the evening. At least I manage to have a good night sleep without waking up because of the cough. Just as I thought it’s getting better, I started coughing non-stop again when I start … Continue reading

Lunar Festival at Victoria Street

The Lunar Festival at Victoria Street fall on 20th Jan,Sun this year. Victoria Street from the junction of Hoddle Street is close till junction of Church Street. We knew about the event as we stay at the corner and planned to have our branch (breakfast cum lunch) at the festival. We attended last year and … Continue reading

Pineapple Tarts

As usual we went to Victoria Market on Saturday morning and do our weekly marketing. I managed to buy 3 pineapples at $3.50 each. Coles and Vic Garden vegetable stall are selling at $6 each….freaking expensives! I spend my whole afternoon “working” on the pineapples. 1st uses my precious knives skinned the pineapples. OMG the … Continue reading

No Drugs :(

I’m in my bed with the laptop on my lap. I’m feeling horrible(better now comparing to morning), lonely(hubby working), tired(think I will go to bed very soon) and sick! Woke up with a sore throat on Monday morning, resume my usual weekday routin and didn’t really bother about it. By the evening, I wasn’t feeling … Continue reading


Done nothing much at all this weekend. I had a training session with Maea(personal trainer) on Saturday morning and I’m in a lot of pain now. Lower body is still recoving from the torture by Maea on Thursday and he started torturing my upper body on Saturday. No Pain = No Gain. Don’t think I … Continue reading

Oven, Hard At Work

My oven was working very hard during the weekend to help me achieve my wishlist for 2008. I manage to carry all the ingredients I need from Victoria Garden after gym on Saturday. Main dish for dinner on Saturday night is Brandied-Bacony Chicken. Warm Potato Salad and a simple fresh vegetable salad as the sides. … Continue reading

BULA (Part 6)

Day 5 13-11-2007 We were suppose to do another day dive with the dive operator station at Outrigger. But we cancelled it the day before as I’m too tired and I didn’t want to tire myself out. Holiday is suppose to be a rest and relax isn’t it? It was already raining very heavily when … Continue reading

Summary of 2007 and Wishlist of 2008

Major happening of 2007 Got my driving license Being an Aunt! Being a Godma! Did my 1st Wreck Dive, Yongala Wreck Did my 1st Shark Feeding Dive in Fiji Hmmm…..doesn’t seem like I achieve much. What have I being doing the whole year??? 2008 Wishlist (I better not be too ambitious) Drive more! So far … Continue reading