Summary of 2007 and Wishlist of 2008

Major happening of 2007

  1. Got my driving license
  2. Being an Aunt!
  3. Being a Godma!
  4. Did my 1st Wreck Dive, Yongala Wreck
  5. Did my 1st Shark Feeding Dive in Fiji

Hmmm…..doesn’t seem like I achieve much. What have I being doing the whole year???

2008 Wishlist (I better not be too ambitious)

  1. Drive more! So far only mange to drive twice by myself and both to the gym
  2. Try more recipe in cooking
  3. Bake more….hehe. Biscotti, Bread, Decorate cupcakes, Tiramisu, Ginger Bread Man.
  4. Get healthy. Make full use of the gym and hopefully lose some FATS!Hmmm how am I going to lose weight if I’m going to cook and bake more??? Does all people who like foods tend to be overweight???
  5. Back to school but it baking courses. 🙂
  6. BE MORE ORGANISE! I didn’t manage to send any X’mas card this year. Hopefully I will manage to send CNY card by end Jan.
  7. Discover more places not only in Victoria but also around the world
  8. Most important, SAVE MORE $$$$$$$$. “No $ = No talk”

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