No Drugs :(

I’m in my bed with the laptop on my lap. I’m feeling horrible(better now comparing to morning), lonely(hubby working), tired(think I will go to bed very soon) and sick! Woke up with a sore throat on Monday morning, resume my usual weekday routin and didn’t really bother about it. By the evening, I wasn’t feeling really great and popped 2 panadol before I went to bed. By Tuesday morning, I wasn’t feeling comfortable. Decided to miss a day at work and stay at home. I got better but worst again in the evening. Popped another 2 panadol before I went to bed.

When I woke up this morning, I was feeling alright. Prepared myself for work and during my tram journey to work, I felt HORRIBLE! Giddy and headache. I can’t concentrate at all. Since I’m already half way thru the journey to work, I thought why not get into office and see how I go later. It didn’t get any better. It got worst instead. So bad that I had to ask my colleague to drive me back.

Made an appointment to see the doctor. Lucky I didn’t have to wait till the evening to have an available slot. 5 mins was all it needed for consulation. When I exit the clinic, all I had in my hand was 2 days medical leave. NO DRUGS at all! My body have to fight off the virus my itself. Argh! I have no idea how long it will take. Especially my body have being taking strong medication everytime I fell sick in Singapore. I hate “waiting period”! I feel horrible! It SUCKS!


3 thoughts on “No Drugs :(

  1. wondering wanderer >> much better now, thank you.have a very “sexy” voice….hahathe gals >> dun think is the food. coz i didn’t have fried stuff for quite a long time….most probably the weather, kept turning cold and warm.

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