Irritating Cough

I’m still having a STUPID IRRITATING DRY COUGH! I have being coughing throughout the whole day yesterday and got better in the evening. At least I manage to have a good night sleep without waking up because of the cough. Just as I thought it’s getting better, I started coughing non-stop again when I start work. ARGH!

It is due to the working environment or because of the food I took during dinner? Hmmm. All I know it’s going to be a stubbon cough and I HATE IT!


4 thoughts on “Irritating Cough

  1. gals >> i didn’t fully recover from last week sickness. i was coughing the whole of last week till now. started coughing with phlegm and now became dry cough. plus what good stuff have i being eating?????? 3/4 share of fried banana on sunday???

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