Posted in February 2008

Itchy Hand

My hands are starting to itch for not being baking for the past 2 weekends!!! Hmmmm am I able to squeeze in some time to either bake a small cake or cookies???? We just spent our weekend at Bright. OMG It’s such a nice place! We love it!!! Thinking of going again during the winter … Continue reading

Lim’s Noya Hut

Finally, we manage to eat at Lim’s Noya Hut. The place was close for vacation when we visited them just a week before CNY. Both of us were so disappointed as we were craving for popiah!!! **Elsie and Stan >> we found popiah! I must bring you there 🙂 . No idea do you like … Continue reading

Life is fragile

Received a bad news from home few hours ago. Daddy inform me that 2nd uncle (mummy side) was found unconscious on early Sunday morning and was admitted to Malacca General Hospital. After test, they found that he has blood clot in his brain and was transferred to KL General Hospital as he required surgery. Mummy … Continue reading


I’m now stone and tired. Spend the whole night from 2330 – 0430 at Royal Melbourne Hospital Emergency Department. Hubby was sicked since last Sunday afternoon. Visited 2 GP 3 times thru the week. His condition got better and got worst. Last night he was feeling so terrible that he decided to visit the ED. … Continue reading

1st Passenger

Gigi and her partner, Alan were my 1st passenger when I drove to Victoria Market on Friday morning. I didn’t actually planned to drive as I don’t feel confident enough having passenger other than my own husband. But I woke up kinda late and the weather wasn’t fantastic. Thinking the traffic should be light plus … Continue reading

Endless Fireworks

Helen in her favourite area (kitchen)Today is the 4th day of Chinese New Year. Honestly, I only felt like its new year today when hubby and I went to Chinatown in the afternoon. The place was packed! Not only crowded with Chinese, there is also lots of Aussie joining the fun. Dragon dance and Lion … Continue reading

2nd in Down Under, 1st in Melbourne

Happy New Year to all my family members and friends who read this blog. Honestly, I have no idea who read all my entries other than hubby, kaki in melbourne and sydney and some friends in singapore. Anyay, I feel it’s an alternative way to keep my friends updated. Hubby just asked me “Today is … Continue reading