1st Passenger

Gigi and her partner, Alan were my 1st passenger when I drove to Victoria Market on Friday morning. I didn’t actually planned to drive as I don’t feel confident enough having passenger other than my own husband. But I woke up kinda late and the weather wasn’t fantastic. Thinking the traffic should be light plus car park should be pretty empty, I decided to drive.

I was totally wrong! The traffic was rather busy and I couldn’t find a car spot which doesn’t have car on left, right and front. I admit. I’m still pretty hopeless with parking. Don’t mind parking further if I have lots of space to move my car around when I park. Guess I just have to force my way through in that situation. Lucky I did pretty alright. 🙂 I was kinda proud of myself…..hehe

Drove to work last week and that was my 2nd time. I reckon I did much better compare to the 1st time. On my way to work on the 1st time, I got stuck behind a truck travelling less than 60km/hr. I wasn’t quick enough changing lane and over take the truck. In the end, I follow behind the truck for quite some time. The 2nd time on my way back home, I almost witness an accident and also drove past a truck with a bust tyre right next to me. Notice the busted tyre when I was approaching the truck and I can’t avoid the truck. So decided to step on the accelerator and drive past it fast instead of slowing it down.

Felt that I seriously have to drive more and get expose to different road condition to build up my confident and most importantly my driving skills.


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