Posted in March 2008

Earth Hour

We participated in the Earth Hour last night. I had all the applicances turned off except the fridge and light the house with Bee Wax candle. I was in the mid of cooking dinner and lighting up the candles when hubby stepped into the house after work. Didn’t want to shower in the dark, he … Continue reading

Beach, Beach and more Beach

Beach, Beach, Beach!!! We have being exploring Melbourne Beach for the whole of March.1st weekend : Brighton Beach2nd weekend: Torquay3rd weekend: Philip Island and Elwood. We actually felt SUMMER just started in March! That’s why we are hitting the beach so often. 09-03-2008 Hubby woke up at noon and suggested to head to the beach. … Continue reading

St Andrew Market

08-03-2008 This trip was planned at least 2 weeks ago. The gals (Robyn and Fiona) has being talking about going to St Andrew Market for ages!! (more than a year) Finally they got it organised and asked me along. It was my 1st female engineers outing with them. 🙂 Planned was to meet at Fiona’s … Continue reading

Chocolate Biscuit

Chosen a really simple and easy recipe from the book named Crave a Passion for Chocolate. This book is a birthday gift from Lynn. We have been constantly saying wanting to try some recipes from the book but haven’t got it going. Finally, I managed to last night after hubby went off to work and … Continue reading

30mins Slot

I have 30mins to spare and the photos are uploaded into flickr so I decided to blog 🙂 I’m suppose to be busy preparing dinner at this time. But hubby called and informed me change of plan just as I’m about to turn into the apartment car park. He needs to work till 9p.m. as … Continue reading


23-02-2008We started the day really early. Left the house at 7am and started our drive to Bright. It was a really long drive. Started it slow as the speed limit at Sydney Road is 60km/hr. But it’s good that we manage to avoid the traffic as everyone is still in bed. When we reach Hume … Continue reading

Any way to cook faster?

Another week gone by, start of another new month. IT’S SO FAST!!! What have I being doing to past 2 months??? What have I being doing the last 1 week??? I haven’t even manage to post my Bright trip or even complete my Nov Fiji trip. OMG I’m so hopeless. I sucks at my time … Continue reading