St Andrew Market


This trip was planned at least 2 weeks ago. The gals (Robyn and Fiona) has being talking about going to St Andrew Market for ages!! (more than a year) Finally they got it organised and asked me along.

It was my 1st female engineers outing with them. 🙂 Planned was to meet at Fiona’s place and she will drive. I was in-charge of bringing Robyn to the 1st destination, Eltham. It was my 1st time driving outside my comfort zone (office, gym, vic market). Lucky I had Rodyn with me to direct me, calm me and guide me. It’s a bit tricky to drive to Eltham but it was a very good experience for me.

I took Fiona 30minutes to drive us all to St Andrew Market. Opps btw, Fiona’s Mum Diana joined us too. Roads by the side are mostly covered by parked cars when we arrived. Didn’t know what to expect from the market, we had a lot of green bags with us and started shopping.

St Andrew Market

It’s a nice market to stroll, look at interesting stuff. But there wasn’t a lot of stalls or we expected too much? Robyn was the main shopper for the morning. Diana next, Fiona went home without spending a single cents. As for me, I went home with 3 corns, 1 sweet potato and 1 lemon. “Huh! Why did you buy such stuff” was my Mum reaction when she asked about our gals trip. It’s a maket and they sell everything from cosmetics to clothing to fruits and vegetables.

We had our morning tea at a Chai Tent. It’s really cool and their Chai tea smell so nice! I can’t say about the taste as I didn’t have any. But Robyn loves it and even bought a packet of Chai tea leaves from them.

The Chai Tent

If you do not have a cup, pay $1 as deposit and you will get the dollar back when you return the cup. I LOVE the idea! It cut down land-fill.

I spend the rest of the afternoon playing with Jeremy, Fiona’s eldest son. I was amazed pretty amazed that he understand me. I still don’t think I speak like a Aussie at all and my english sucks! Guess most important is all of them understand me.


2 thoughts on “St Andrew Market

  1. haha….coz I didn’t take any. I should at least taken a picture of jeremy and annabel. I’m a sausage. spending on food is good coz I’m going to eat them! hehe

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