Posted in April 2008

Chicken Pie

Pie is one of the food item I wish to try ages ago but I find it’s a bit troublesome making the pastry. Plus there are a few different types: shortcrust, puff, sweetcrust, filo etc. What’s the different??? Honestly I have no bloody idea at all because pie if not 1 of the food I … Continue reading


I’m currently pet sitting as Stan and Elsie are away for 2 weeks. Their kids are temporary my kids..hehe. They have being staying with us for 5 days now.Picked them up on Sunday evening. The initially 2 days are orientation days. We starting to know Hana and Poo Poo character and behaviour. While they, especially … Continue reading

Hanging Rock

21-03-2008 Good Friday Although it’s a a super long weekend (4days) in Australia, we didn’t manage to plan a weekend getaway as Hubby was scheduled to work 2 days out of the 4. We woke up, made ourselves a nice hot breakfast and was lazing around in the house thinking whether should we go out. … Continue reading

Backpacking Boots

I’m really lazy this weekend therefore didn’t achieve much. Shopping for both days! Saturday was shopping with Lynn at City DFO. I didn’t buy anything on that day. On Sunday hubby had the craving to Yum Cha. He’s afraid of me being bored at home so decided to bring me shopping!!! Hubby >> YES! I … Continue reading

What have I done?

I haven’t being updating my blog lately. I’m so disorganise.*sob* Or I’m just purely lazy??? I, hubby and Lisette went to Lakes Entrance for a weekend getaway last week. I will try to blog about the trip on my next entry. 🙂 I have being pretty busy this week. Ended up working till 9.30pm on … Continue reading

2 Years

“Is it a joke?” a few friends questioned 2 years ago when they asked when I’m flying off to Melbourne. I instructed all my friends not to send me off at the airport and they thought I made up the departure date. LOL. I boarded myself on a flight on April Fool Day 2006 to … Continue reading