2 Years

“Is it a joke?” a few friends questioned 2 years ago when they asked when I’m flying off to Melbourne. I instructed all my friends not to send me off at the airport and they thought I made up the departure date. LOL.

I boarded myself on a flight on April Fool Day 2006 to join hubby in Melbourne and start a new life together. Or should I say to start my marriage?? As some of you know, I got married in Melbourne in 2005. I flew to Melbourne for a 2 weeks vacation plus a wedding. In fact, I don’t felt I’m married after the trip. I still label myself as single but not available. Haha.

2 years in Melbourne and I have achieved and learned a lot about the place, people, culture and falling in love with the place. Yes! I missed my family the most, friends and food. I can’t have everything in the world. One gain some and lose some.

There isn’t any huge change in our life even since I arrived (guess “living together” even before marriage helps a lot). Both of us are working hard and enjoying life at the same time. There are plans which we have installed for the next few years and working to achieve our goals.

I will always remember this day as a day I left Singapore and start from fresh.


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