Posted in May 2008

Follow up for Present # 1

Present # 1 was very well received by all his colleagues. Heard they loved it. I will make it again when Daddy’s here. Bet he will love it. 🙂 Advertisements

Shira Nui

I just got back home from a very wonderful dinner with Hubby. It’s his 31st Birthday today and I made a reservation last week at Shira Nui. I had being wondering where to celebrate since 2 weeks ago. Taxi, Jamon Sushi together with Shira Nui were is the list. Decided we should try Shira Nui … Continue reading

Cold, Cold, Cold

This is what I see when I look out of the window this morning. Rain plus fog building up on my window. I had my balcony close and window very slightly open for cold air.My hands are turing numb as I’m typing this entry. It’s cold sitting in front of the PC with the window … Continue reading

Hana and Me

Totally forgotten that Lynn helps me to take these photos when the kids are still with me. I loves these photos that I have to share it!!!

Present #1

It’s hubby’s birthday in 4 days time! I made him a Tiramisu to bring to work tomorrow to share with his colleagues. I hope he like it. 🙂 Birthday present # 1. Suppose to say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY CL” but due to poor planning, it ended up “HAPPY CL love”. There isn’t any space for the … Continue reading

House Empty

The house felt empty again.A empty space between me and hubby on the bed.Nothing keeping me warm on these cold days.No one welcome us when we are home.We definitly felt in love with the kids. Kids have been back with their parents since Monday.


It’s Mother’s Day today. I like to wish all mothers a happy mother’s day. Especially to my Sis Carol, Jasmine and Josephine(these are the mothers I know who read my blog). I’m starting to countdown! In less than 3 weeks, my mummy and daddy will be in Melbourne!!! There will be a lot of chatting, … Continue reading

Craving for the week : Scone

27-04-2008 SatCraving for the week was : Scone. Hubby started having different craving every week. He doesn’t fancy scone at all but after trying Miss Marple‘s scone, he falls in love with scone! So up we drive to Sassafras, Mount Dandenong to satisfy hubby’s craving. Autumn in Melbourne Miss Marple is decorated with very nice … Continue reading