It’s Mother’s Day today. I like to wish all mothers a happy mother’s day. Especially to my Sis Carol, Jasmine and Josephine(these are the mothers I know who read my blog).

I’m starting to countdown! In less than 3 weeks, my mummy and daddy will be in Melbourne!!! There will be a lot of chatting, laughing, eating, drinking and touring around Australia for 4 weeks. Guess that means less or totally no blogging. I know it’s a good exercuse for missing a month right?

Me and hubby really have to start planning the 4 weeks vacation. We have a rough plan in our mind but it’s not detail enough at all! I haven’t even submit my leave form! OMG, we are so disorganise.

At the meantime, I’m making something for mummy. A mother’s day present? Hope it will be completed in time before they come.


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