Road Trip #2 Cancelled

We are back safely from road trip#1. THANK GOD! But our new car is not. We just send in for repair yesterday and initial quote of repair cost $6-7k. Time needed is 2 weeks. That also mean road trip #2 is cancelled. Still waiting for the repair company to inform us that the insurance company has agreed to the cost of repair. Road trip #2 might change to Queenland Trip. We will try to get air tickets to Cairns if possible.

For those who haven’t heard. We hit a HUGE Kangroo at Grampian on our way back to the accommdation (Halls Gap) after a trip to the supermarket (Stawell). All of us are fine except in a bit of shock.

It’s just being confirmed. Cairns is the next destination. Hubby and Daddy just got the air ticket purchased and accommdation booked. We are setting off in a few days time.

Great Barrier Reef here we come!


One thought on “Road Trip #2 Cancelled

  1. yio sis!Hope everything is fine now & you can still enjoy your holiday with your family thru out their visit!!I will be flying of this Fri! Talk to you again when I return!YJ say if we have time I’ll get to go Disneyland at Paris!!! Wish me luck!!

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