Posted in July 2008

Cold Lonely Night

I’m TIRED!!!! It’s starting of a new week tomorrow and I’m TIRED!!! Seriously I don’t think my brain had any rest during the weekend. I don’t feel fully recharge at all!!! It’s COLD, I’m ALONE, my back is ACHING! I’m sort of got use to him working night(a lot of personal free time) but at … Continue reading

Excursion to Prahan Market

Activity for this morning was excursion to Prahan Market! Finally CL wasn’t working this weekend and suggested to go Prahan Market last night. Of course I happily agreed. Prahan Market is a dangerous zone for me therefore CL try ways and means not to enter. You will slowly discover why as you read on. We … Continue reading

1st Attempt in making Curry Puff

CL didn’t take any order or give me any suggestion for tonight dinner when I asked him what he has in mind last night. He told me to surprise him. Great! How am I going to do that? As I spend the night flipping thru all my cookbook wondering what I should cook for today … Continue reading

Bopha Devi

Bopha Devi, Melbourne’s 1st Cambodian restaurant. I have never being adventures in food till I landed in Melbourne. I always tend to stick to the usual cuisine e.g Thai, Japanese, Chinese. But that has changed 2 years ago. That’s also when I 1st tried Bopha Devi. It was Tara’s birthday and we were invited for … Continue reading

Shira Nui Visit # 2

We had such a fantastic experience on our 1st visit to Shira Nui that we went back in 2 weeks. This time round we bought my parents along. We kept singing praises on Shira Nui in front of my parents till they can’t stand it anymore and wanted to try for themselves. hehe. Started with … Continue reading

Homecook Food

I miss mum’s cooking and same as CL. So when Mum came, she cook a few of our favourite dish! I did some cooking too especially during our road trip. 🙂 31-05-2008 SatImmediately after landing at Melbourne. 1st stop was to Victoria Market. Bought all the fresh ingredients needed for dinner that night. Menu for … Continue reading

3 weeks too long???

I’m so tired!! Don’t ask me why. I have no idea at all. We had a training session with Maea this evening and both of us couldn’t even last thru 45mins session! I’m not very busy at work, only being doing programming all day long. But I just can’t get myself motivated to do anything … Continue reading