Posted in August 2008

Time & Tide

Few weeks ago, me and CL went away for a short weekend trip to try spot some whales at Warrnambool. We departed pretty early on Saturday morning for the long drive. We had our 1st pit-stop at Geelong for some coffee and simple breakky. It was a really long drive passing quite a few major … Continue reading

Vanilla Cupcake with Chocolate Icing

After CL left for work last night, I tried baking cupcakes. Ingredients require for baking Vanilla Cupcake and Chocolate Cupcake. I failed badly on the Chocolate Cupcake. 1st, I didn’t follow instruction. I had doubts when I pop them into the oven wondering will they turn out hard. 2nd, they sank in the middle! 3rd, … Continue reading

Chocolate Mint Cookies

I haven’t being baking any cookies for a long time. Finally I manage to squeeze in some time today and bake some for CL. There isn’t much chocolate chips left so I added some M&Ms mini which I bought last week. I also added some mint essence to have something different instead of just a … Continue reading

Lunch Box for 25th Aug 2008

This is my lunchbox for tomorrow lunch. I always cook a bit more during dinner so that I have extra food to pack. Sometimes I cook 2 meals at one shot, 4 different dishes; dinner and lunch. I also pack CL’s lunch or supper depending his shift for the day. It’s much easier to have … Continue reading

For Jasmine, my Best Friend

Happy Belated Birthday JASmine! It was Jasmine’s birthday last Sunday and found out she didn’t end her special day with a birthday cake. I told her I will bake her 1, post it on the blog but I will have to eat it for her…hehe. Do you like it Jas? It’s vanilla cupcake with chocolate … Continue reading

Wagyu Beef Burger

Totally forgotten about this photo till I was uploading my weekend trip to Warrnambool.The Wagyu Beef Burger we bought from Prahan Market with a simple light salad. It’s the beef that was the highlight for the meal!

St Kilda Galleon Cafe

It’s already after midnight and I’m still awake, very unlike me. I’m actually pretty tired but my brain is not switching off! I did go to bed but spend all the time forcing myself to sleep and obviously it’s not working at all. Is it because of the coffee I had or I’m alone? Since … Continue reading

Banana Upside Down Cake

I was in the mood to bake this morning. Hmmm what should I bake??? There are 3 over-ripe banana in the freezer. Maybe I should try to get rid of it. After flipping thru my cookbook and surfing thru my few favourite and trust worthy blog, I decided to try baking a Banana Upside Down … Continue reading

Amazing Ice Cream

We had the most amazing ice cream at Kuranda during our trip at Cairns. We were told not to miss trying the ice cream by the bus driver and I’m so glad that we remembered! Me buying the 1st ice cream. CL and me shared a Mint Chocolate Chip. Mummy and Daddy had errrrrr…seriously can’t … Continue reading

La Luna Bistro

Going thru my flickr account, I found out that I have not being blogging enough. A lot of catching up need to be done. I haven’t even finish my Fiji trip entry, the road trip which I did with my parents, Cairns trip and a lot more food entry. Here is 1 of the late … Continue reading