La Luna Bistro

Going thru my flickr account, I found out that I have not being blogging enough. A lot of catching up need to be done. I haven’t even finish my Fiji trip entry, the road trip which I did with my parents, Cairns trip and a lot more food entry.

Here is 1 of the late entry.

CL had the craving for steak on a Sun evening. It was too late to defrost the porterhouse steak we bought from our favourite butcher at Victoria Market. Therefore we decided to pick a restaurant and try out their steak. It wasn’t an easy task. We went thru the Good Food Guide and also food blog on the web. Most of the restaurant were closed and finally we settled La Luna Bistro at Carlton North. It was our 1st visit and we actually know what we had in mind even before we arrived. Thanks to the menu they had on their website.

We started the meal with an entree to share. This dish was on the special menu for the night.
Spicy char grill steak with salad. Both of us like it. I love the Char Grill taste and smell.

CL had the Char grilled Aged Beef (aged on the premises) with mash,roasted swiss brown mushrooms & red wine

I had the same but mine was a Porterhouse while CL was a Rump. The mash potato was lovely. Smooth and buttery. But it was a bit disappointing on the steak. Both of us find the steak a bit too tough.

Ending the meal, we had Vanilla bean creme brulee with almond wafer to share. We seldom order creme brulee therefore I don’t really know what makes a good brulee. But we actually like this. Strong smell of vanilla and the wafer is really crunchy.

At the end of the meal, they actually charge us $1 for the meal! $1 for 1 entree, 2 main and 1 dessert. How can that be????

Lucky CL checked the bill before he signed. If not the restaurant going to make a huge lost that evening.


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