Posted in September 2008

Aya Japanese Restaurant

I was lazy to prepare dinner after work on Wednesday and CL was craving for Japanese food. Therefore we decided to head out for dinner instead but we had no idea where to go. We tried our luck at Shira Nui but were too hungry to wait till 8pm when the table ready. Flipped thru … Continue reading

Op Shop

One thing I have learn while living in Melbourne is shopping at op shop. It’s easy on my wallet…actually CL’s wallet…hehe. Also it’s kinda fun and exciting because you never know you will have in your bag when you walk out of the shop. This morning I went op shop shopping near my place. Although … Continue reading


The game just ended. HAWKS won AFL 2008 Grand Final. It’s all Victoria team for this year Grand Final and it’s the talking point for the past 1 week. I though CATS has a higher chance of retaining the title again but I was proven wrong by the HAWKS. Last year, I had my annual … Continue reading

Pizza for Dinner

I better post the photos before I knock out for the day or before I start accumulating too much photos. As if I don’t have enough back dated entries that I need to blog. Tonight dinner menu was PIZZA. The dough turn out pretty good although it didn’t rise till twice it’s size. Hmmm maybe … Continue reading

How To Be A Domestic Goddness

Finally!!!!! I got myself the book I wanted “How To Be A Domestic Goddness” by Nigella Lawson. I heard a lot of good reviews on this book and wanted to get my hands on it. Especially I had started baking a lot more. When I received Borders 30% discount vouchers thru email on Friday morning, … Continue reading

Mi Jian Kueh

The title “Mi Jian Kueh” say it all. Came upon a very simple Mi Jian Kueh recipe + I have all the ingredients + I’m getting hungry + huge craving. So decided to mix all ingredients together and I tried making them yesterday afternoon. I had craving for them so some time and I haven’t … Continue reading

Testing my LIMIT

“How are you this morning? Feeling better today?” “NO” was my answer when boss asked me this morning. Once again, the project pissed me off. The client pissed me off! I showed my temper to my project mates and boss again. Honestly, if it happened few 3 years ago at LaLa land, I had already … Continue reading

Transition Period

I admit, I have being LAZY! Not blogging, not going to gym. Daily routine for the past 2 weeks is purely crawling out of bed half awake up in the morning, going to work, knocking off on time, prepare dinner, wash dishes, squeeze in laundry on some evenings, watch Japanese series while crocheting, read a … Continue reading

Preparation for Retirement

On the way back from Warrnambool, CL stopped at Lincraft and I bought myself Learn to Crochet pattern book. In fact, I own Learn to Knit book and find it very useful. Contains projects that are simple enough for me to work on. On my 1st crochet project, I chosen a very simple pattern scarf. … Continue reading