Transition Period

I admit, I have being LAZY! Not blogging, not going to gym. Daily routine for the past 2 weeks is purely crawling out of bed half awake up in the morning, going to work, knocking off on time, prepare dinner, wash dishes, squeeze in laundry on some evenings, watch Japanese series while crocheting, read a bit before i go off to bed early. I just don’t feel like doing anything else unless I really have too! Had some really bad days at work that makes me ponder. *SIGH* Really sick of the project I’m doing now (being dragging for too long! 2 years by the time I finish commission it)and more sick of the client that treat me like an idiot.

Did some shopping on the weekend 2 weeks ago. I went into wonderland when I step into CakeDeco!!! I just can’t stop looking around. There are so many different decorating instruments, different shapes and sizes cookies cutter, baking cups which I had to restrain myself from buying any because they are all so CUTE! It’s a baker paradise!!!! I bought some small pie dish which I can used when I make chicken pies, 2 cookies cutter (X’mas theme) which I plan to bake some cookies to give away before X’mas….hmm wonder how I’m going to juggle when I have to work finishing the stupid project thru the whole holiday period….seriously hope I will be well organise. (self-reminder: got to start trial and error in baking ginger bread man and decorating it).

I didn’t really cook anything fancy or try out new recipes recently. But I did bake some White Chocolate and Macadamia Nuts Cookies yesterday. It was really crunchy and I love it! Mixed more what the recipe state on the nuts.

I also tried my hand on Green Tea Ice Cream which is CL current crave. As I didn’t have a ice cream maker, I make it manually. Having to keep opening up my freezer every 45mins to stir the ice cream. I have to admit it’s a bit troublesome and it got really hard to stir towards the end because it start to harden quite a bit. “Should I get myself a ice cream maker??” was the question I had in my brain for almost a week. I didn’t know if there’s going to be a different in taste and texture if I make it using a ice cream maker. I know it will save me time and energy. Took a bit of courage to email a local food female blogger for advice and she answered my question for me (I find her really cute…hehe)! I got to start pestering CL to buy 1 for me….hehehe. Hopefully more different favour of ice cream coming your way during summer.

Opps….sorry no pictures on the cookies and ice cream. Didn’t manage to take any pictures this time. Told you I’m a slacker.


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