Op Shop

One thing I have learn while living in Melbourne is shopping at op shop. It’s easy on my wallet…actually CL’s wallet…hehe. Also it’s kinda fun and exciting because you never know you will have in your bag when you walk out of the shop.

This morning I went op shop shopping near my place. Although I have stay here for more than 2 year, I didn’t know the shop exist till few months back when CL happen to drive past.

I love the shop. Space is big, well organise. Although it doesn’t seem to carry a lot of branded stuff unlike the op shop in St Kilda. But the place is neat.

I spend 2 hours going thru every section on display and walk out $26.75 poorer.

Book $2.00 each
Saucer $1.00 each
Bowl $1.50 each
Crochet and Knitting Needle $0.50
Leather Wallet $1.50
Levis Jean $15.75


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