Posted in October 2008

Herb Garden

From left to right : Sage, Basil, Spring Onions, Mint, Rosemary My existing herbs are starting to give up on me and I decided to plant a new batch. CL drove me to Bunnings few weeks ago. Bought 2 long pots, organic soil and some herbs. I didn’t actually expect all of them to survive … Continue reading

Carrot cake

I had craving for carrot cake for weeks or even months! I was kinda hoping I could end my craving during Singapore Day but left the event in disappointment. So few weeks ago, I finally move my lazy bum and tried making some. I made the carrot cake on Saturday store it overnight and fried … Continue reading

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

I was watching Sex and the City movie when I’m suppose to blog. Now I’m blogging when I suppose to pack. *shake head* I do everything except packing!!! OH NO NO NO!!! The house is full of boxes!!! On the left are empty boxes all stack up ready to be fill. While on the right … Continue reading

More Shopping & Packing

20 boxes + 2 full backpacks lying in the corner. We manage to do more packing in the afternoon and also came back home with a HUGE HOLE in our pocket yesterday. We had a orientation from our new landlord yesterday morning. We are getting to know our new home. The house is really cool … Continue reading


I’m going to MIA(missing in action) even more. I was hoping to post some photos but I couldn’t find my camera. CL must had left it in the car after bringing out last night. I started packing last weekend. Spend 4 days, average 1.5hrs each time sorting out the clothes, packing etc. The house is … Continue reading


I haven’t being blogging much at all. I was busy with work, watching LaLa land drama etc. It’s going to get worst because I’M MOVING! Finally we found a place we like and the owner (yes, this property deal direct with the owner instead of real estate) like us. hehehe. The place was offered us … Continue reading