Posted in November 2008

More Homecook Food

I have being spending a lot more time in the kitchen ever since we moved into the new place. We aren’t very familiar with the suburb yet, clueless where to find cheap and nice food after dark, + tight budget. I’m not complaining coz I’m trying out more recipes + finding short cuts in cooking….hehe. … Continue reading

Butter Cut-Out Biscuits

I’m sick again *sigh* and I took bloody long time to recover! Am I really getting old???? Honestly at present, I’m not 100% fully recover yet. I had being eating congee since Wednesday. Started off with very sore throat which is much better today -> fever -> body ache -> slight cough which is getting … Continue reading


I’m blogging in the kitchen! Wonders of wireless modem. I’m actually cooking as well…multitasking. Have a pot of congee on the stove and it’s not safe to leave it alone. That’s why I’m kinda of stuck till the pot of congee is done to my standard (which btw going to take a pretty long time). … Continue reading

Evening Entertainment: Nigella

Before the shift, I bought Nigella Feasts DVD which was on discount; cost less than $16 and I immediately grabbed it. It was 1 of the DVD which I have being waiting for special offer. It was a pretty good deal considering there are 2 DVDs in the pack. It has being my dinner companion … Continue reading

Settling Down

The move on Monday went smoothly. It took us + 2 movers 3 hours to move almost everything from the old to new house. We made a few trip ourselves to handle those too fragile stuffs. Electrical, water, gas and phone all were connected without any problem at all this time. Hmmmm really wonder is … Continue reading