Settling Down

The move on Monday went smoothly. It took us + 2 movers 3 hours to move almost everything from the old to new house. We made a few trip ourselves to handle those too fragile stuffs. Electrical, water, gas and phone all were connected without any problem at all this time. Hmmmm really wonder is it because this is a house/unit that’s why no stuff up? Or because we made individual call to the respective company instead of using bull-shit service provider like ConnectNow. Or because everything is already connected and we only had to request name change? Anyway, we are settling in well but still waiting for the internet to be active. At the meantime, there’s a bit more unpacking to do + cleaning.

For the past 2 evenings, we have being a couch potato watching DVDs on the new LCD TV. I still have to read up the manual for the TV and DVD recorder. It works for now but I don’t think I set it up fully. Plus totally no idea how am I going to use the DVD recorder other than playing DVD. Hehehe That will be my homework for the weekend while CL working.


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