Posted in January 2009

Should I / Shouldn’t I ???

I just received an email from Borders. Attached with it is a 30% discount voucher with any purchase. I’m very tempted to make another purchase but I don’t really have anything in mind. Recently came across this wedsite from a Melbourne food blogger which I love and I’m making use of it now! Hoping to … Continue reading

Craving for CNY goodies

Nothing exciting happening in life. It’s just sleep, eat, work, surf FB, blogs etc. A lof of LaLa Land food blogs started on CNY goodies. Me personally aren’t baking any pineapple tarts this year. Don’t really have the energy (I know full of excuses) + it’s only me who is eating. But I was very … Continue reading

Beach Time!!!

I was complaining to CL that though summer already started a month ago but we haven’t had the chance to make a trip to the beach. Coz the weather has being damm too bloody cold!!!Finally I spotted a chance which was yesterday. Weather forecast was 28 degrees and if it’s strong sunlight, it should be … Continue reading

Korean BBQ

We met up with Stan and Elsie(S&E) for dinner after X’mas for dinner. They bought us to a Korean Restaurant(no idea what it is call) along Victoria Street, opposite Victoria Market. Luck Elsie called before hand and booked a table coz the place has endless crowd. Noticed that the staffs and patrons are mostly Korean … Continue reading


It’s time to change the old Jamie Oliver tefal frying pan which we when I first landed in Melbourne. The non-stick layer isn’t really a non-stick anymore + it’s peeling off. This time round, I chose a Scanpan Fusion 5 frying pan. CL paid for it 🙂This is a slightly bigger and much heavier pan. … Continue reading

Grill Pork Ribs and Salmon

Few weeks ago, during out usual marketing trip at Victoria Market, I bought a beautiful slab of pork ribs from my favourite butcher (“we dun yell to sell”)and also 1 whole salmon (left with bones and head intact). As usual, I went pass a tray of fish body parts which nobody appreciate and wondered what … Continue reading

1st Blog in 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR! How did you spend your last hour of 2008?? I went for the midnight fireworks which was spectacular! I definitely haven’t being blogging a lot for the whole of Dec. I have being lazy + busy with work during the x’mas period. Although others are starting to wind down, attending parties and … Continue reading