It’s time to change the old Jamie Oliver tefal frying pan which we when I first landed in Melbourne. The non-stick layer isn’t really a non-stick anymore + it’s peeling off.

This time round, I chose a Scanpan Fusion 5 frying pan. CL paid for it 🙂
This is a slightly bigger and much heavier pan. I’m beginning to love this pan because it’s easy to heat up plus retain heat really well. Does takes a bit of time getting use to coz it doesn’t have the non-stick coating. CL still prefer a pan which is non-stick but since I’m the 1 doing most of the cooking and kitchen is my territory. He let me chose it. We are still hunting for a smaller frying pan with non-stick coating for him though.

He also bought me another Scanpan item during the boxing day sale. It’s a 7 liters pot. I always wanted a big pot for me to boil chicken stock, fish stock etc. Since I have the space to freeze the stock, it should be economical rather than using packet stock.


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