Craving for CNY goodies

Nothing exciting happening in life. It’s just sleep, eat, work, surf FB, blogs etc. A lof of LaLa Land food blogs started on CNY goodies. Me personally aren’t baking any pineapple tarts this year. Don’t really have the energy (I know full of excuses) + it’s only me who is eating. But I was very tempted to get some love letters when I saw them a few weeks ago at Box Hill but I will be the only 1 eating. What is it doesn’t taste good???

Granny used to make them every CNY and sis and I easily can finish a whole tin by ourself. I’m starting to miss some of the CNY goodies which both my grannys made like honey combs and kuih bangkit which I myself never had the chance to witness the process of making them. Did tried making love letters with mum years ago and OMG it’s definitly not easy + we made them in a very traditional way using charcoal stove.

Oh I seriously crazing for all the unhealthy, fatty CNY goodies. Maybe I’m able to buy some tomorrow when I’m attending the Lunar Festival at Victoria Street. If not I just have to get CL to make a quick stop at Box Hill and get some.


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