Posted in February 2009

Japanese Feast!

This was the Japanese Feast we had for the whole day on Black Saturday. We were supposed to be away for the weekend with some friends but was cancelled last minute. So we planned to spend the day at the beach since it was forcasted to be a nice warm summer day. But on Friday, … Continue reading

Pecan Cookies & Brownie

Last week, I was itchy to bake. So I decided to bake some Pecan Cookies with CL loves since I have all the ingredients in the pantry. Thinking it uses Oats and Pecan as the ingredients, surely it’s better than baking Chocolate Chips Cookies right? I even replace half of the plain purpose flour with … Continue reading

Cooking anything special???

*back dated post “Are you cooking anything special” was a question CL asked my 2 weeks ago. The night before, I attended the company post X’mas party alone on the 31st Jan (I know we are hopeless having a X’mas party in end of Jan) as CL was scheduled to work for the weekend. I … Continue reading