Cooking anything special???

*back dated post

“Are you cooking anything special” was a question CL asked my 2 weeks ago. The night before, I attended the company post X’mas party alone on the 31st Jan (I know we are hopeless having a X’mas party in end of Jan) as CL was scheduled to work for the weekend. I ended up home really late that night, it’s was a really good chance to hang around with all the colleagues and do some catching up. So when he asked me if I’m making it up for dumping him at home, I started thinking what I can cook.

There wasn’t much in the fridge as we haven’t being to Victoria Market since the week before X’mas. Our favourite butcher was closed for a month so we decided our next trip will be a month after X’mas.

I knew he was craving for Japanese food and also seafood. After flipping through some of the cookbooks I had, I knew what I can tried. With a shopping list in my hand, I drove myself to Box Hill to get the ingredients.

1st dish is Miso Tofu. This is the 2nd time I tried cooking this dish. Very simple and easy. I used the same miso paste on the fish (see below) 1st and add the leftover with some sugar before brushing it on to the tofu while pan-frying.

2nd dish is Tamagoyaki sushi. This is my 3rd time cooking the Tamagoyaki. A lot of praactise needed. I find that the layer are too thick + I fried the eggs using a round Scanpan Fusion 5 instead of a Makiyakinabe. Still wondering should I get a makiyakinabe for my kitchen. As for rice, I used the sushi mould which I bought few months ago from the Japanese store next to Prahan Market. Find it require a lot of rice to fill the mould up, definitly need to get a smaller mould when I have the chance.

3rd dish and also the main dish is Miso Grill Fish, slamon & barramundi. This dish is very simple to cook. Just need to brush the fish with miso and grill them under the hot oven. Fast, simple and nice.

CL was rather surprised when he walk into the house and saw all the nice food on the table and I’m happy that he loved the dishes I prepared. 🙂


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