Posted in March 2009

Back to craft projects

As the weather turns cold and daylights got shorter, I’m back to doing my craft work. Crocheting my old granny square rug which I started last year and stopped. I just started knitting a scarf for my MIL last night (we are expecting them in mid June, another excuse for me to knit). It’s a … Continue reading

BBQ Chicken – Nando’s Style

CL had craving for Nando’s style bbq chicken after I had shared with him my Nando’s takeaway lunch few days ago. He suggested to marinate some chicken and popped them onto the barbie for dinner. It sound good to me, nice, simple and easy. I already had a whole chicken in my freezer. I dropped … Continue reading

Almond Biscotti

Almond Biscotti, it was my 1st time baking them. CL was scheduled to work night again and I had all the free time during the day. I haven’t bake for a long time. CL’s and his colleagues can have fresh biscotti to snack through the night. This recipe I came upon doesn’t require any butter … Continue reading

Prawn Noodle Soup & Rojak

These 2 days was a rest and relax weekends for both of us. On Saturday morning, we went to had some really nice Yum Cha at Tai Pan. It was our 1st visit but we did read about it on the Good Food Guide 2008. We decided to give it a try since it’s near … Continue reading