Posted in May 2009

CL’s Birthday Feast

At 530pm on CL’s birthday, “I want to eat Japanese food” was what he said once he got home from Uni. He made the call to Shira Nui and got us 2 counter seats for 6pm seating. Honestly, I didn’t expect to have any available seats for us at all. Shira Nui is always full … Continue reading

CL’s Birthday

It was CL’s birthday last week. We went for a very nice + expensive Japanese dinner at Shira Nui on the actual day (my next entry). As we were both too full after the dinner, CL didn’t manage to blow his candle till few days ago. I didn’t forget to buy some candle a week … Continue reading

Food I Cook/Bake in April

Baking banana bread was the best way to use up overripe bananas. To had freshly baked banana bread for breakfast on a weekend morning was having all the ingredients measured and stored aside the evening before. 1st thing in the morning after I woke up was mixed everything up and pop it into the oven … Continue reading


It was my 1st time making Quiche. In fact I don’t think I ever ordered quiche outside. But it seem really easy to make and a colleague of mine started making all different types and having it for lunch. I manage to find a pie dish few weeks ago at Box Hill and I kept … Continue reading

Yum Cha Ending Without Dessert

Belated Post19th April 2009 Kam Fook restaurants in Sydney are very famous, well known. During our (me & CL) uni days, we only manage to Yum Cha at Kum Fook during special occasion like after our exam or someone birthday as we were so tight on budget. As for dinner at Kam Fook was totally … Continue reading

Where has my time gone???

I haven’t being blogging for the past few weeks and I just found out last night when I was looking thur the pictures from my camera. I’m just to busy (more like lazy right?) Seriously need to be more organise and discipline. I have being trying very hard to start my day early, reaching the … Continue reading