It was my 1st time making Quiche. In fact I don’t think I ever ordered quiche outside. But it seem really easy to make and a colleague of mine started making all different types and having it for lunch.

I manage to find a pie dish few weeks ago at Box Hill and I kept delaying trying to make quiche till 2 weeks ago when my buddy and godson were here for a short visit.

The quiche turned out really nice. All of them loved it including my godson. It was bacon,leeks and mushroom quiche. It was so easy to make that I made another 1 last night for CL pack lunch/dinner and my dinner. The pastry was purchased from Coles. I didn’t try making my own pastry as I heard it was hard without a food processor. Hopefully I’m able to find time and try making. I’m starting to work on site from end of next week. Looking at the schedule, the earliest for me to be situated back to office is Aug. Going to clock quite a bit of extra time at work soon.

Before going into the oven

Fresh out from the oven

After sliced


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