Posted in July 2009

Steak Sandwich + Pumpkin Soup

Last Saturday I was called back to work in the morning :(. Client was running production slightly longer than expected and I got to relieve my colleague so that he is able to spend some time with his 2 kids (fair). I was actually looking forward to meet up with Lynn to do some baby … Continue reading

Nice Breakky and Stroll by the Beach

This morning was spent having a nice breakfast at St Kilda Gallen Cafe, follow by a stroll by the beach. It was our 2nd visit to Gallen Cafe. It never failed to impress us! Although it was still pretty early when we arrived but we got the last available table. We started the morning with … Continue reading

Chocolate Filled French Toast

Another Bill Granger’s recipe. French toast came into my mind once I woke up. I had some leftover stale bread. Milk in the fridge and eggs.  Remembered there is a french toast recipe in the Bill Granger’s Holiday cookbook, best time to give it a try.  It’s very sinful on a easy morning but it was … Continue reading

Me in Action

I’m currently a busy bee!!!! I’m so tired up with work that I don’t even have time to cook, definitely can’t even squeeze any blogging time. 😦 Summary of the month June My in-laws came for a 18 days vacation. Their 1st visit also my 1st time staying with them. At the end of the … Continue reading