Me in Action

I’m currently a busy bee!!!! I’m so tired up with work that I don’t even have time to cook, definitely can’t even squeeze any blogging time. 😦

Summary of the month June

  1. My in-laws came for a 18 days vacation. Their 1st visit also my 1st time staying with them. At the end of the trip, I think 18 days a bit too long. I will had gone crazy any minute by the day 18. They spoiled my knive set (hopefully still repairable, need to find time and pop into King of Knives for sharpening), damage my thermal pot (still usable but appearance gone). Worst of all, they almost got the house burned down and they think it’s a small issue. We seriously learned that we can’t stay with them. There is a too huge gap in between us. At the end of the trip, I don’t even feel appreciated after what we planned, organised and tried to put together. *sigh*
  2. Went to Sydney for a 4 days short trip with my in-laws. I managed to visit my Aunt and Cousin’s family. Discovered Chat Thai and we got hooked!!!!!!!! I had 2 meals out of the 4 days. How I wish Melbourne has something similar!!!!
  3. I know how jelly snakes are made. Interesting process and I just tasted some fresh today.

Feeling hungry now as I’m having a big pot of beef in red wine cooking in the oven…..Yummmm.

I’m ending this entry with some photos I found. I will try to get my act together and post more back dated photos.

Me making a mess in the kitchen. This was taken during my in-laws visit. We were both so sick of chinese food that we decided to have a change and cook pasta for dinner.

Pasta, Salad and 4kg of mussels in white wine.

My favourite pasta by Jamie Oliver. Easy to cook and delicious to eat.


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