Steak Sandwich + Pumpkin Soup

Last Saturday I was called back to work in the morning :(. Client was running production slightly longer than expected and I got to relieve my colleague so that he is able to spend some time with his 2 kids (fair). I was actually looking forward to meet up with Lynn to do some baby shopping before she pop. It’s so hard to slot her in with my current messy, last minute, all over the place schedule.

Even though I was pretty tired after work, I was hoping I could cook something simple and nice for dinner to de-stress. YES, cooking is actually a relaxation therapy for me. Shopping for clothing is actually stress for me!!!! Plus we have being eating out for the past few nights and getting sick of outside food covered with lots of msg + salt.

I had defrost the steak that morning. I could just have salad and steak or with roast pumpkin. That’s very usual typical dinner which we have. Not very interesting dinner so I came up with having Pumpkin Soup with Steak Sandwich.

I had homemade chicken stock in the freezer and all the ingredient required. Plus I had a few avocados which I need to try finish before they go bad. All I had to do was pop into Coles on my way home and get some bread + fresh salad.

My version of Pumpkin Soup. Honestly I have no idea should it still be consider as Pumpkin Soup or Vegetable Soup. Because pumpkin wasn’t the only ingredient. I also put in carrot, onion, celery. I was very surprise it turn out to be very sweet. It was really comforting to have a bowl of hot soup for dinner during winter.

Juicy Porterhouse Steak bought from my favourite butcher in Victoria Market. The steak was perfect! Not too cooked for CL nor too rare for me.

My version of steak sandwich made with porterhouse steak, rockets, avocado and roasted capsicum.

It was such a simple, easy and nice dinner that both of us enjoyed a lot. I’m more determine to try make more western style soup rather than my usual Cantonese, oriental soup.

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