Posted in October 2009

Traditional Hakka Dish

Both CL and me have Hakka background. My mum is a Hakka and his dad is a Hakka. Lei Cha the traditional Hakka dish is no stranger to us. Both our families cooked it since we were young. Especially during the 7th day of Chinese New Year, my granny will cook 7 different side dishes … Continue reading


CL found Ayama in The Age Good Food Guide 2008 which we had. We decided to give it a try and manage to reserve a table before we left the house. The place was pretty empty when we arrived. There was a table of 10 boys/guys and we were the 2nd table. From memory the … Continue reading

Excuse : Folks came for visit

Sorry for the lack of blog post for the past 1 month……My folks were here for visit cum vacation. In fact I just got home after sending them to the airport after a slightly more than 3 weeks stay. I have so much of catching up to do!!!! A reminder to myself……back dated entry to … Continue reading