Posted in November 2009

My 1st 3x

Today is the day I start my age is a 3….30th years old. What have I achieve or experience for the past 10 years I wonder??? Is it well spent I question myself. At the age of: 20 – I graduated with a Diploma of Electrical, Electronic and Control and found a job as a … Continue reading

3 down 6 more to go

I have being trying to blog more especially on the back entry which I wanted to do.Out of the 9 entries, I did 3. So 6 more to go! 1> Ayame2> Tutto Bene3> Kangaroo Island Vacation4> Traditional Hakka Dish5> Spanish food at South Melbourne Market6> Good Life in Adelaide7> Rockpool – My advance birthday dinner8> … Continue reading

Tutto Bene (2nd Visit)

From memory and blog entry, the 1st time and previous time we being to Tutto Bene was almost 2 years ago. We tried our luck getting a table without booking a couple of time for the past 2 years without success till Sept 13th 09. We haven’t being into the city for quite a while … Continue reading

Golden Dragon Palace 2

During Dad and Mum’s visit, we bought them to Golden Dragon Palace for dinner. Yes I had already blogged about this restaurant before but since I did manage to take some nice photos, why not have a short entry about it. Right?It seem the restaurant had either updated/changed their menu or changed of chef. We … Continue reading

31st Oct Weekend

We are back to routine this week. Both of us back to work and CL on night shift during the weekend. That also means I’m going to have a lot of free time during the day while he’s catching up on his beauty sleep. What’s my favourite way of spending the time other than trying … Continue reading