Tutto Bene (2nd Visit)

From memory and blog entry, the 1st time and previous time we being to Tutto Bene was almost 2 years ago. We tried our luck getting a table without booking a couple of time for the past 2 years without success till Sept 13th 09.

We haven’t being into the city for quite a while so decided to spend the day in the city walking around. From memory the plan was to go to Crown and find a nice place for lunch. But when we passed by Tutto Bene on the way, we couldn’t help but pop in to request for a table. Lucky stars fall upon us :). I’m guessing because we were really early, can see it from the number of empty tables around us.

We just love their Risotto and couldn’t forget it! So far, it’s the best risotto we tried in Melbourne.

Started off with some complimentary bread with olive oil. We don’t really know how to appreciate olive oil because we can’t taste what’s so special about it and how it won so many medal.

Calamari Fritti
We were served by a really friendly, knowledgeable waiter. Because me and CL don’t eat olives and we don’t really want something too heavy for entree, he suggested Fried Calamari. The Calamari was lightly battered with semolina and quick deep fried. It’s really light in taste, fresh and doesn’t taste oily.


Seafood Risotto – Special of the day on the left and on the right Anatra, funghi e salvia – Braised buck, porcini, mushroom and sage

CL had the seafood risotto and I went for the braised buck risotto. Both dishes were totally different as CL’s dish was tomato base and mine creamy slightly heavy base. Both were fantastic! Delicious!
I can even taste the “freshness” in CL’s dish and have chunks of duck meat in mine.

Ruchetta selvatica con scaglie di parmigiano, olio e limone – wild rocket with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, lemon and parmigiano
We actually wanted to try Zucca arrosto con cannella e peperoncino – Roasted pumpkin with cinnamon and chilli but the waiter suggested to match our main with wild rocket instead. Gald we accepted his suggestion because it blend it with our main very well.

We only had space for 1 dessert to share and we ordered Creme Brulee.


Brulee al tiramisu con ganache di cioccolate e gelato al mascarpone – Tiramisu infused brulee served with in house mascarpone gelati and chocolate ganache
The sweetness was just right, soft and not watery. As for infused with Tiramisu, honestly I don’t remember except did taste a bit of liquor. Does that count???


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