My 1st 3x

Today is the day I start my age is a 3….30th years old. What have I achieve or experience for the past 10 years I wonder??? Is it well spent I question myself.

At the age of:

20 – I graduated with a Diploma of Electrical, Electronic and Control and found a job as a Engineering Assistant or was it Assistant Engineer…..don’t even remember the title. Started dating with CL, my 1st and only boyfriend.

21 – Experience oversea education; learn to be independent, learn how to live with housemates. Most challenging is learning how to live together with CL (yes we stayed together for a year during our uni days to cut cost), sharing a tiny little room we rented.

22 – Learn how to be independent again without CL. Sharing a room with another female species other than my Sister. Flew back to Sing with a degree and 2 years of experiences with money can’t buy. Started working as a SCADA Engineer in a local small company which the slogan is “NIKE” = just do it.

23 – Working, working, working. Got to admit I did manage to learn quite a bit on job.

24 – Slaving myself and planning for an escape?

25 – Flew into Melbourne for 2 weeks vacations, at the same time got married, a week honeymoon at Cairns and back to Sing alone.

26 – Got my Aussie permanent residency, got myself out of Sing system, relocated and actually felt married! Got ourselves out of living with a bunch of dirty, super pampered, think they are very rich uni kiddies. Started working in an Aussie local company as a Project Engineer. Have our 1st kid.

27 – Promoted to being a Aunt and a Godma. Got my driving license after 2 tries.

28 – Finally I started driving and took over our 1st kid after CL bought a 2nd kiddo.

29 – Been living in a apartment my almost my whole life so after moving to our current place, it’s like learning how to live in a house. Married to a Aussie on my last day of age 29…..yes, CL got his Australia Citizenship and took his pledge yesterday.

30 – What can I add into my achievement/experience next? A house? Obtain my Aussie Citizenship? Kid?? …..hmmmmm It’s something I won’t have any idea till next year but 1 thing I know is I’m having a stuffy +irritating + block + running nose and a pair of itchy eye. I HATE HAY FEVER!!!


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