Posted in December 2009

Roast Pork with Crackling

Last dinner for 2009, we had Roast Pork with Crackling. As I mentioned in the previous post, it was my 1st time making this dish. I reckon it turn out pretty good for 1st timer. The meat was a bit dry, crackling a bit too saltish. But the crackling was a huge success!!! It’s super … Continue reading

Cookware Purchased on Boxing Day

This are the two cookware which I purchased during Boxing Day sale. I had tried using the 20cm fry pan and I love it. As for the wok, it’s kept safely in my storeroom at the moment. I will only take it out when my current wok start giving way which I reckon won’t be … Continue reading

1st Time

I’m roasting pork belly with crackling. It’s definitely my 1st time doing this dish. I wanted to try it long ago but I’m pretty scared because it looks hard. So far after more than an hour in the oven, it looks promising. Just got to wait and see I guess. Wish me Luck!

2009 Boxing Day Shopping

Ho ho ho ho!!! CL and me just got home from Doncaster Westfield. Got there after 8am to report for boxing day shopping. Spend 5 hours and ended up with a gigantic hole in his credit card our pocket. I manage to buy a really nice jacket!! A pair of shoe and half year supply of … Continue reading

Simply Spanish

During my parent’s visit, we bought them around for international food cuisine : italian, thai, indian, vietnamese etc. The recent trip, we introduce them to Spanish food.Simply Spanish at South Melbourne Market is the only place we being to for paella. I’m still hunting for other alternative to make a comparison. But at the meantime, we are … Continue reading


Johnnycakes with maple syrup and banana We were I was planning to go to the Farmers Market at Collingwood Children Farm this morning. CL doesn’t seem to be interested when I suggested to him last night. In fact I had suggested a thousand times and never make it to one. Plus we slept really late as … Continue reading

Good Life (Adelaide)

We stopped over at Adelaide for 1 night on our way to Kangaroo Island. Took the opportunity to meet up a friend of ours for dinner. She recommended Good Life pizza since we haven’t tried it before. I loved the their concept, organic plus local produces right down to drinks, flour to make the pizza … Continue reading