Good Life (Adelaide)

We stopped over at Adelaide for 1 night on our way to Kangaroo Island. Took the opportunity to meet up a friend of ours for dinner. She recommended Good Life pizza since we haven’t tried it before.

I loved the their concept, organic plus local produces right down to drinks, flour to make the pizza base.

We started the dinner with Olive Bread served with Adelaide Hills Olive Tapenade. I’m one who doesn’t really enjoy olives. I had tried it before but just can’t accept the taste. As for this dish, I find the taste of dip pretty unique. Still acceptable for me. Sorry don’t really know how to appreciate them 🙂

We ordered 4 pizzas in total with 3 different variety.

The most popular pizza for the night was Free Rang Roast Duck Pizza with shitake mushroom and spring onion ginger jam. I only came upon restaurants serving poached chicken with spring onion ginger jam but never with duck. Loved the uniqueness of this dish!

The 2nd pizza was Angaston Spicy Salami with kalamata olives, red onion, baby bocconcini and basil. Honestly, I have no idea what it taste like now plus I only had a slice.

The 3rd pizza we had was Kapunda Chicken oven roasted with baby potatoes, garilc, rosemary and mild parmesan. 1st time having potatoes in pizza and the roast chicken is delicious. I remember I like the cheese including CL who don’t really fancy cheese.

We also had 2 sides which I forgot to take pictures of. It was Roast Vegetables and another Mixed Lettuce Salad. Both were very nicely served.

At the end of the meal, we were all stuffed with pizza that leaves us no space for dessert at all. We couldn’t even finish all the pizza.

I will definitely go back for the Duck Pizza if I happen to go Adelaide again. At the meantime, just have to look out for such restaurants in Melbourne.

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