Johnnycakes with maple syrup and banana

We were I was planning to go to the Farmers Market at Collingwood Children Farm this morning. CL doesn’t seem to be interested when I suggested to him last night. In fact I had suggested a thousand times and never make it to one. Plus we slept really late as a result of started watching a movie late.

CL suggested to have cereal for breakky since we had a heavy dinner last night. But cereal is our usual breakky during the weekdays as we tend to spend time sleeping more, quick shower and breakky before rushing off to work. Since we were not required to go to work, I suggested to have pancakes.

Filpping through Nigella cookbook How to be a Domestic Goddess. Found a recipe that consist of a mixture of plain flour and either cornmeal or polenta. So far, only tried making pancakes with plain flour so found this recipe very interesting. Since I had polenta in the pantry, I decided to give Johnnycakes a try.
I halfed the ingredients as it state the amount makes 30-35 pancakes. We definitely won’t be able to finish all!
 I ended up with a pan full of pancakes which was just the right amount for us although I could easily eat a few more…hehe
Both of us loves this pancakes! It’s yellow instead of white coz of polenta. The skin is a bit crunchy… is suppose to be…no idea. It can be pretty fluffy but I thinned it during cooking.

This is definitely our favourite pancake recipe!!


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