Craving = 2 Huge Pineapples sitting on the bench top

Even though I haven’t being blogging, I still faithfully reading a lot of food blog every night. I started to have craving for pineapple tarts since last weekend after spotting some Chinese New Year goodies at the oriental supermarket.

It got even worst after spotting a homemade pineapple tart on Jeroxie food blog!!!! I decided to make some pineapple tarts this year!!! I didn’t have any last year from memory. Plus there are friends who I can passed some too :)…..dun need to finish everything by ourselves. This morning after exercising, I went to nearby vegetable stall and bought 2 huge pineapples. But they are still sitting on the bench top as I’m too tired and whole body aching to move let alone cook into jam which is a long process. Planning to do it tomorrow morning if not my CNY goodies won’t make it in time.

Wish me luck in finding the perfect recipe!


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